Charging of Electric Vehicles

The research group Charging of Electric Vehicles forms the interface to the main research areas Active Distribution Grid and Electric Mobility. In the field of electromobility, solutions for the grid and system integration of electric vehicles are developed at the Institute.



Research Competencies in the Fields of

  • Concepts for grid and system integration of electric vehicles
  • Smart home and smart building applications
  • Carrying out measurements and analyses in the energy management laboratory elenia energy labs
  • Traceable power, energy and efficiency measurement of mobility applications
  • Metrological characterization of AC and DC charging processes
  • Charging profiles
  • Solution approaches for increasing the absorption capacity of electric vehicles in low-voltage grids
  • Communication between charging station and electric vehicle according to ISO 15118 and DIN SPEC 70121
  • Decentralised, grid-oriented charging according to the application rule VDE AR N 4100
  • Development and operation of an own backend system (elias2.0) for charging control
  • Charging management of electric vehicle fleets
  • Consideration of uncertainties in the application of charging management
  • Second life application of traction batteries


Thematic Fields



Cooperation with Working Group 2.33 Power and Energy, Testing Laboratories of PTB Braunschweig

elenia energy labs - Energy Management Laboratory
The energy management laboratory is equipped with battery storage units, PV simulators, charging stations and electronic loads. There is also a climate chamber, a heat pump and several heat and cold storage units. The energy management laboratory is used to investigate energy management concepts. With the new laboratory environment, scientific investigations can be carried out on the interaction of various decentralised generation units, electrical storage units and flexible consumers such as electric vehicles and heat pumps. The new infrastructure will already make it possible to conduct scientific research into many questions that will only arise in practice in the coming decades with higher proportions of renewable energies.
Grid Dynamics Laboratory
The grid dynamics laboratory contains, among other things, several DC sources and a grid simulator. One of the DC sources was used to create a DC charging station for grid-oriented charging. The charging control for this charging station was implemented with a charging controller, which can communicate with electric vehicles according to DIN 70121 and ISO 15118, and a Raspberry Pi. In order to investigate the effects of grid-oriented charging, the net simulator can be used to generate critical net situations such as voltage and frequency fluctuations. With regard to grid-oriented charging, the DC sources enable control of the charging power. In the future, the grid dynamics laboratory will be equipped with a bidirectional battery charger, which also enables reactive power control and a bidirectional power flow.
Representation of the grid simulator and the DC sources


In addition to the publication of current research results in professional journals and periodicals, these are also included in elenia courses. Further information on teaching, as well as a sample curriculum for the Master's programme in Electrical Engineering (focus on electromobility), can be found at:
Model study plan MA-ET (focus on electromobility) (pdf)


Julia Brockschmidt Julia Brockschmidt
  • functional analysis
  • system response
  • Stefanie Čelan Stefanie Čelan
  • Smart Grid grid calculations at low-voltage level
  • Studies on the Smart Home in the Smart Grid
  • Gian-Luca Di Modica Gian-Luca Di Modica
  • Generation and grid-oriented charging of electric vehicles
  • Grid integration Electric mobility
  • Olga Pronobis Olga Pronobis
  • Charging algorithms
  • Charging management under uncertainties
  • Matthias Schmidt Matthias Schmidt
  • Metrological characterization of AC/ and DC charging processes
  • Traceable power, energy and efficiency measurement
  • Lorenz Soleymani Lorenz Soleymani
  • Grid integration of electric vehicles in closed distribution grids
  • Synthesis of electric vehicles, decentralized generation plants and stationary energy storage systems
  • Jonas Wussow Jonas Wussow
  • Future impact of electromobility on distribution grids and technical solutions for better integration
  • Grid integration Electric mobility in existing grids
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